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Fiddler’s Creek Homeowners and Employees Bail Out “Jailbird” in Support of Jerry’s Kids and MDA

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

There are numerous charities to support in the Naples area. So why is Jerry’s Kid’s and the Muscular Dystrophy Association so special? Do you really need an answer for that? Well, Mary Jane Chappy, the Director of Membership, Communications & Marketing at Fiddler’s Creek doesn’t have the heart to turn away a child in need.

An anonymous friend or colleague from the Naples Chamber volunteered Mary Jane a.k.a “MJ” to be placed “behind bars” to raise money for Jerry’s Kids. Not knowing who volunteered her, MJ’s decision was not only an easy one when asked to help raise money for the kids in the community, but an honor as well. The tricky part was getting the donations, especially since things are still tight for most people and asking for money from others is not her forte.

Well after sending out emails to family, friends and neighbors and putting the information on facebook, she had this great idea. Maybe her coworkers at Fiddler’s Creek and Fiddler’s Creek homeowners would like to help — all the while not being too pushy. So emails were sent and guess what? Yes, some even made a donation! In a few days MJ was going to get picked up by the local authorities and brought to “Lock Up” at Naples Grande. Will she make bail?

It’s 10:30am on July 13th and she is ready for pickup. Fiddler’s Creek employees gather to say farewell in hopes she makes bail and returns to work. Collier County Deputy John Lambley arrives and proceeds to place handcuffs on the “jailbird” as he gets ready to transport MJ to lockup. Upon arrival she gets dressed in the traditional stripes and a mug shot is taken.

Now it’s the moment of truth as all the jailbirds are calling and emailing everyone they can think of to help bail them out. With the “behind bars” photo on MJ’s iPhone, she starts sending it to people hoping to get more donations. More calls were made in an attempt to raise a few more dollars.

At the event was Dalton, a teenager in the community who lives with the challenges of MD. He is one of the kids who will benefit from everyone’s hard work. His mom, Ginger with all her family’s challenges appears upbeat and smiles as her photo was taken with her son and Patrick Nolan of Fox News.

After a few hours, MJ was able to get a few more donations which got her over her personal goal of raising $1000. With the help of friends, coworkers from The Club & Spa at Fiddler’s Creek, Gulf Bay, The Golf Club, The Tarpon Club, The Tarpon Club Marina, Marco Beach Ocean Resort and Fiddler’s Creek homeowners, her goal was accomplished! What a great feeling. Now it was time to get back to work. The ride back to Fiddler’s Creek was quite comfortable in the limousine. Not a bad way to end the day.

By the time MJ left the event, Jerry’s Kids / MDA had raised over $161,000, exceeding their goal of $150,000. Now it’s MJ’s turn to nominate potential jailbirds for next year!

Although MJ is no longer in lockup, donations for Jerry’s Kids are still being accepted through August by visiting