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Fiddler’s Creek Earns National Recognition for Wildfire Preparedness

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

On April 19, 2011, Fiddler’s Creek® was recognized as a Firewise Communities/USA® site by the Florida Division of Forestry for their community efforts to reduce the vulnerability of homes and landscapes to wildfire.

The award was presented during the Annual Foundation Meeting held at The Club & Spa at Fiddler’s Creek in Naples. Over 150 Fiddler’s Creek homeowners were at the meeting. Also attending were Firewise representative & Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, Victor Hill and East Naples Fire District Community Relations Officer, Greg Spears. The award was presented to Fiddler’s Creek with Mr. Ron Albeit, General Manager and Russ Rainey, Fiddler’s Creek homeowner and Community Firewise Board President accepting the award.

“After surveying the Fiddler’s Creek area, we were able to identify areas of concern in case a fire where to come our way. It is important to educate Fiddler’s Creek homeowners in all of the villages. On May 3rd, we will meet with the village representatives to review our findings. All Fiddler’s Creek homeowners are encouraged to attend.” stated Russ Rainey, Fiddler’s Creek homeowner and Community Firewise Board President. Our team worked hard for this award,” continued Rainey.

Fiddler’s Creek homeowners worked with Victor Hill, Wildfire Mitigation Specialist to conduct a wildfire hazard assessment and develop a plan to address safety concerns. Homeowners then worked together to implement the plan.

“This designation recognizes the work Fiddler’s Creek homeowners did in coming together and identifying wildfire risk. Going forward, Fiddler’s Creek is able to work with the Florida Division of Forestry and other land management professionals as they continue to manage their beautiful property in a firewise manner and reduce their risk of a wild fire,” stated Mr. Hill.

Fiddler’s Creek is 1 of 50 communities in Florida to be recognized as a Firewise Communities/USA, joining other communities nationwide that have been recognized since the program’s inception in 2002.

To receive Firewise Communities/USA recognition, Fiddler’s Creek met a rigorous set of requirements. The community completed the following activities:

• Conducted vegetation and fuel mitigation at various points around the perimeter of Fiddler’s Creek

• Removed flammable vegetation from around homes and other neighborhood structures

• Worked with Caloosahatchee Forestry Center and East Naples Fire District to learn about and conduct a wildfire risk assessment with Community CERT members

• Held a Firewise Day event during which Firewise information was distributed