Residents Enjoy Farewell to Fiddler’s Creek Party

Residents of Fiddler’s Creek who return up north after season were bid a fond “au revoir” with an elaborate Farewell Party at The Club & Spa.

The Farewell to Fiddler’s Creek Party is traditionally held at the close of the peak winter season and is so popular among the residents that many often remain in town specifically for the annual event.

With the theme of “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” residents were warmly welcomed by airline agents who provided them with their boarding pass and seat assignments. Residents were then instructed to proceed carefully through the security gate and to enter the entertainment area.

Live music pulsed to a rhythmic beat as more than 600 members and guests dined on a scrumptious buffet located poolside amid cool breezes. Music entertainment was provided by the None Other Band. Meanwhile, four professional dancers dressed as pilots and stewardesses performed on raised platforms, stopping occasionally to pose for photographs with the guests.
Along the pool area were several large banquet tables set with salads and produce from the Farmer’s Market; a Sushi Station with assorted styles of sushi; chilled shrimp, oysters and scallops; a Carving Station with Colorado aged prime rib and Berkshire pork belly; a Surf and Turf Station with pan roasted salmon; beef short ribs and organic free ranged chicken. The Sweet Ending Station was over the top as well with special cakes, candies, tarts and cookies.
After dinner, the energy moved to the dance floor as residents danced along with the band. The evening progressed with a breathtaking fireworks show and further entertainment.

The party video is available on YouTube and on the website!

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