Special Programs Keep Fiddler’s Creek Kids Active

While most kids search for ways to spend their vacations, those within the master-planned community of Fiddler’s Creek enjoy an abundance of fun activities and programs.

The residential community host special events for kids of all ages especially during the holidays and vacation times throughout the year, including bounce houses and slides, laser tag, competitive and poolside games, simulated shark riding and even a blueberry pie eating contest.

The kids programs are part of the very active social lifestyle offered at Fiddler’s Creek. The community regularly hosts elaborate themed parties for homeowners, including the Welcome Back and Farewell to Fiddler’s Creek Parties as well as parties to celebrate the Holidays and New Year’s Eve.

There also is the annual Passport Party, which treats residents to a diverse buffet of international cuisine from the Pacific Rim, Latin America, the Caribbean and more. Other special activities and events hosted throughout the year for Fiddler’s Creek residents include ballroom dance classes, writing classes, a book club, wine dinners, beginners and advanced Bridge courses, cooking classes, ladies’ fashion show with luncheon, art exhibits, jewelry classes, poolside music, spectacular dinner shows and other themed events.

For example, the children celebrated the Easter holiday with their families at Fiddler’s Creek. Events included Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, a traditional egg hunt and an Easter Brunch.

The Game Day on the tennis lawn of The Club & Spa was another highlight for kids of all ages. The day featured Big Foot Races, Musical Chairs, Hot Potato and an inflated bounce house.

Kids were able to battle with their friends in an outdoor Laser Tag. In this event, kids used infrared beams to tag their opponents while navigating around obstacles.

Another fun day for kids of all ages featured a pirate ship bounce house with slide and artificial bull riding activities on the tennis lawn. The kids also competed to see who was the fastest during the blueberry pie eating contest with their hands behind their backs and no utensils.

Most of the kids’ activities and programs at Fiddler’s Creek are offered complimentary and are designed for the kids to enjoy spending time socializing with other children in the community. They also feature tasty treats, including snow cones, frozen bananas, ice cream and more

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