Fiddler’s implements initiatives

Spanning nearly 4,000 acres between Naples and Marco Island, the masterplanned residential community of Fiddler’s Creek was designed with an emphasis on environmental preservation.

The community is zoned for approximately 6,000 residences, or just 1.6 homes per gross acre. Less than a third of the land will be developed for residential use, while the remainder of the acreage is dedicated primarily to nature reserves, lakes, parks, golf courses and recreational areas.

Since sales commenced in 1998, Fiddler’s Creek has been committed to using healthy and environmentally friendly practices. The mission is to inspire, educate and support residents and employees in becoming more “green” and having a positive impact on the local environment.

To help conserve water, faucets and other restroom fixtures throughout the Club & Spa were changed to low aerators and power rinsers were installed in the kitchen, reducing water consumption considerably. Only full loads are washed in the laundry and reclaimed water is used for washing down golf carts and other equipment in the cart barn and marina facilities.

Employees are encouraged to save energy by turning off lights when not in their offices or in low-traffic areas and computers are shut down in the evening.Energy-efficient florescent light bulbs and motion sensors are gradually being installed in various club areas.

Fiddler’s Creek employees also reduce waste by supporting a broad range of recycling practices, including cardboard, paper products, appliances, electronics, ink cartridges, and kitchen cooking oils and grease. Biodegradable garbage bags and to-go containers are widely used and compostable napkins, plates and utensils are provided in the employee cafeteria.

To further educate residents and staff on how to be more environmentally responsible, the Fiddler’s Creek Green Committee hosted its first Earth Day event for the entire family.

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