Meteorologist, Jim Farrell of WINK News Speaks to Fiddler’s Creek Homeowners about Hurricane Season

Fiddler’s Creek® community located on your way to Marco Island welcomed Guest Speaker and Meteorologist, Jim Farrell of WINK News to The Club & Spa at Fiddler’s Creek. Homeowners were offered a complimentary seminar on hurricane preparedness. About 100 people attended this informative seminar and handouts and other materials were provided. A special thanks was extended to the Fiddler’s Creek CERT Team, led by Russ Rainey for putting this event together.

Jim began speaking with his usual humorous tone and then continued with the seriousness of potential hurricanes to our area. “Water temperatures are warmer than average this summer indicating the potential for hurricanes… a busier than average season is expected with 11 anticipated storms,” says Jim.

“If there is a mandatory evacuation, the big question is, will you stay or will you leave? A decision you won’t want to make at the last minute. If you stay, you are on your own. Authorities are not obligated to help you, meaning they may not respond to a 911 call. If you seek shelter, remember space may be restrictive so calling a friend or staying at a hotel may be your best option. Pets are also a consideration wherever you choose to go. Just remember, don’t seek shelter in an area where the hurricane may move towards. You may end up evacuating from that area as well,” another consideration Jim points out.

What would happen if a hurricane did hit landfall in Naples or somewhere in Southwest Florida? “A storm surge would be the concern,” according to Jim. “So are we going to get hit,” a homeowner asks? Jim replies, “I don’t know, but a storm surge would be greater in our area than the Eastcoast because the Gulf water is much shallower here.” “The good news is that Florida has the best building code for wind,” continued Jim.

Being prepared, whether you are asked to evacuate or not, your family’s safety should be your number one priority. If you don’t have to evacuate, you still need to be prepared in case there is a power outage. Storms and hurricanes…. something you accept when choosing to live in beautiful Southwest Florida.

Following the presentation, homeowners were given the opportunity to ask questions.

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