Fiddler’s Creek Homeowners Enjoy a Traditional St. Patrick’s Day Party

One of Fiddler’s Creek honored residents, Jack Toole, begins planning the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration 364 days before the actual event. Mr. Toole has been elected as the Mayor of St. Patrick’s Day at Fiddler’s Creek. St. Patrick’s Day celebrated on March 17th is a very special event to Fiddler’s Creek homeowners both for the Irish and the not so Irish, filled with traditional Irish sing-a-longs, river dance performance, Irish flare and authentic Irish cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Eric Long and his team. With beef barley soup, braised corn beef and cabbage and Ballymaloe lamb stew, this special celebration is sure to please every pallet imaginable. This event attracts over 250 people each year and is definitely on the “must attend” list of the year. Fiddler’s Creek homeowners take this opportunity to dress in their customary kilts, as well as other green garments and wild accessories. To top off a truly exceptional night, Fiddler’s Creek homeowners sang along to Irish favorites, such as “My Wild Irish Rose,” “Danny Boy” and “You Are My Sunshine” just to name a few.

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