Fiddler’s Creek Homeowners Actively Volunteer in the Community

Living in Fiddler’s Creek there are many opportunities to participate with your neighbors and friends in extravagant dinner dances, theme parties, concerts, and educational classes to fill our days mentally, physically and socially.

However, what do you do after you have danced the night away and eaten your fill of decedent delights? And, what do you do after you are physically fit from hours spent in the gym or a day of beauty at the Spa? When you have played all the games and sports or learned to prepare a wonderful meal at a cooking class or broadened your mind from discussions at the book club, what comes next?

When you are a resident at Fiddler’s Creek the answer is simple and one that enlivens your spirit. Our many residents welcome the opportunity to volunteer and participate in worthwhile causes which allow us to put others first and give something back to the community. Here are a few examples of the numerous organizations our residents volunteer and support.

Toy Drive
Christmas time is traditionally always a time for us to open up our hearts and wallets to help others in need. This recent holiday season was no different than the past. Even in today’s difficult economic times, many toys were contributed again to the Toy Drive for less fortunate children in the Manatee Elementary School. Volunteers collected and delivered to the school assorted age appropriate toys and games for the children. What makes this drive extra special is that it is a combined effort of residents and employees of Fiddler’s Creek. Again, this year there was no disappointment for the young school children. Their joy was expressed by the numerous hand crafted thank you notes received at the Fiddler’s Creek office.

The Fiddler’s Creek Community Development District #1 was granted permission to “adopt” the 2 mile stretch of Route 951 from the entrance of Fiddler’s Creek to Manatee Road. Our volunteers have agreed to periodically pick up, bag and discard all the litter on both sides of the roadway. This is no easy undertaking. One would think there would not be too much trash along the roadway. At our last clean up day, 16 trash bags full of debris together with a piece of tire and a couch cushion were collected and disposed of! Kudos to the volunteers who participated in the blazing heat of the day to keep this roadway spotless, their efforts are appreciated by all.

Community Emergency Response Team
Volunteers participating in the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) have the opportunity to learn vital safety information. Under the instruction of the East Naples Fire Company, the volunteers learned CPR, instructions on the use of defibrillators, and emergency response procedures for disasters and pandemics. The staff of volunteers had experienced what it would be like to have a “disaster” happen in our area and learn the correct response and procedures to follow in a “mock disaster drill.” The Management and Security Department at Fiddler’s Creek were instrumental in preparing and coordinating this event. March programs included, “Urban Search and Rescue” and in April, “a Countywide CERT Drill.” Learning from experts the correct response during an emergency helps not only in community situations, but in the private household. The ongoing instructional information is essential and invaluable.

Boys & Girls Club
Investing in our youth, the future of our nation, is a worthwhile cause and one that many in our community have made a major commitment to. The Boys & Girls Club of Collier County has been the only academically based youth development program in Collier County. The mission of the Boys & Girls Club is to inspire and enable all young people to realize their full potential and help them build the skills they will need to be successful in life. The 6th Annual “Fore-the-Kids” Golf Tournament was held in the fall on the beautiful championship Creek Course. With the help of the members of The Fiddler’s Creek Golf Club the day was a great success raising over $100,000.

Tutor Corps
Another program that draws our residents to volunteer their time is the Tutor Corps. Our residents act as mentors to assist High School tutors who are hired by the Guadeloupe Center Early Childhood Education Program. This program helps at risk children break the cycle of poverty through education.

Bedtime Bundles
Bedtime Bundles, Inc. is a local charity which helps the children of migrant farm workers who live in camps in tiny trailers with holes in the floors, broken windows and no furniture. These children are innocent victims of circumstance and spend their young lives crisscrossing the country traveling from crop to crop with their family. Some of our residents have contributed volunteer hours, donations of clothing, household items and monetary gifts to this worthwhile cause. The second annual Mutts & Martinis Happy Hour event was on March 24, 2010 at the Esplanade on Marco Island. This year Fiddler’s Creek has graciously and generously donated a round of golf for two on the beautiful Creek Course as an item for auction. All donations received benefit the children.

Men’s Singing Group
Seniors helping seniors is another area that is dear to the hearts of our residents. The Fiddler’s Creek Men’s Singing Group is comprised of 15 members who take their talents to local nursing homes for concerts during the months from January to April. Their concerts are marvelous and, in fact, the group sang at the St. Patrick’s Day Party at Fiddler’s Creek.

It is not just the unsurpassed amenities, pristine grounds and beautiful homes in Fiddler’s Creek that make it one of the most desirable communities in which to reside in Southwest Florida. It is the residents themselves who make it the place where you want to “hang your hat”. We have all heard the old adage, “it is better to give than to receive”. But those many Fiddler’s Creek residents who contribute their time and energy in helping others find that it is in giving that you do receive.

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